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Google Launches World’s first Drone Delivery Service in Australia

image via VOA News

The company named Wing owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet has successfully launched the world’s first commercial drone delivery service in Australia after the years of development and trials.

Wing’s commercial drone delivery service would be able to deliver food, coffee, and medicines to around 100 homes in Canberra city of Australia.

The company has been conducting test flights since 2014, many of the residents in the area of trials have complained about the noise, the company said, it was valuable feedback received during the tests and the company is committed to make the service better and continue the dialogue.

After accessing the safety measures and operational plans the Australian Aviation Authority (AAA) allowed the company to launch its commercial delivery service. According to AAA, the company was safe to operate and poses no threat to residents and other aviation operations.

The drone delivery service is able to deliver small packages which are dropped into the consumer’s garden at the length of a string.

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However, the authority has allowed the company to launch the delivery service with some conditions. The drones would not be able to fly during the nights and before 8:00 AEST and at the weekends.

The drones will not be allowed to fly over crowds and on the main roads, but there are still many concerns that the company has to address, people in Canberra and Bonython have complained about the noise coming out of the drones when they come for delivery and leave, they said the noise can be heard from distance and its quite irritating.However, Wing has developed a quieter drone after the complaints, the aviation authority also advised the company to use quieter drones in their delivery operations.