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Smart Pyjamas Could Improve Sleep Quality

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For helping us improve the quality of sleep, engineers have created a high-tech smart pyjama shirt that makes the sleep more peaceful and monitors the breathing, heartbeat and posture.

A team from the University of Massachusetts has devised a cotton pyjama shirt dubbed as Phyjama that is provided with sensors to monitor the sleep quality of the person wearing it. The sensors monitor the amount of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) which is essential for consolidating memories, or if the person gets breathing issues during the night.

5 lightweight sensors are sewn inside the shirt lining. 4 out of the 5 sensors detects constant pressure, like that of a body against a bed, where as the 5th sensor is the one that is positioned over the chest and senses the rapid pressure changes, providing data about the heart rate and breathing, as per the reports of the New Scientist.

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The sensors are further interlinked by wires that are made from thread partially coated in silver. Trisha Andrew—the team lead said that they are sewn onto the seams of the shirt, so one could not see them.

She informed that the Phyjama is entirely machine-washable.

The signals gathered from the sensors are sent to a tiny circuit board that looks and functions like an ordinary pyjama button and is positioned at the same location as the pyjama button. The button has got a built-in Bluetooth transmitter that further forwards the data wirelessly to a computer for analysis.

The Phyjama is in the initial stages and the researchers are working to make sure that the sensors are accurate for a variety of body shapes and heights.

As per the estimates of Andrew the product would be available in market within 2 years costing just $100-$200.

Currently, the team is working towards spreading the technology to wearable electronic sensors that detects gait and send feedback to a monitor for helping in preventing falls.

As per Andrew, this application could be used in settings like retirement centres and nursing homes.

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