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Google Launching Drive For Desktop For Backup & Sync

Google launches the new Google Drive for desktop apps after a test phase. At launch, the app is available for Windows and Mac. It succeeds in “Backup & Sync” and now allows better organization of files in Google Drive and for Google Photos.

Google has now announced this – the test phase is over, and now every Google Drive user can download and use the desktop app. Google had announced earlier this year that it would merge Drive’s previously separate sync clients for businesses and consumers, namely Drive File Stream and Backup & Sync, into a single Google Drive for the desktop clients. This is intended to make it easier to store and access content across different devices and the cloud.

Cloud sync automatically in the background

Drive for Desktop is an app for Windows and macOS that automatically syncs local files to the cloud in the background. This app provides direct access to files stored on the desktop and backs up content to the cloud.

The most important features of the unified client also include the ability to upload images directly to Photos or Drive. Overall, synchronization is said to be significantly faster. Google says Drive for Desktop brings users the best and most-used features of both Backup & Sync and Drive File Stream. Drive for Desktop now brings support for backing up external storage, including flash drives and hard drives. You can also mirror your Drive files to the desktop.

Backup & Sync will be discontinued completely

Users who are currently still using the Backup & Sync app will get a notification in the coming weeks that they should switch to Drive for Desktop. You can still use the old Backup & Sync client until September, then it’s over.