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Google Own Chip Whitechapel To Use AMD Graphics

Whitechapel chip

Google is working on its own chip for the Pixel phone named Whitechapel. the latest information is that the chip will combine the technologies of Google, Samsung, and AMD, using a 5nm production process. Although the performance is not on par with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, Google will integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence technology into this chip.

And thanks to Google’s tuning in software and hardware, the user experience should be able to meet the needs of most users. And according to the report from Wccftech, which said, due to the addition of AMD, “Whitechapel” will have a relatively large improvement in graphics performance.

However, a Samsung-made Google processor with AMD graphics is still a bit of a distant future, but it’s still an interesting possibility.

This might not be that much of a surprise considering Samsung’s alleged involvement in Google’s own processor. Samsung is expected to announce a new Exynos SoC that incorporates AMD’s Radeon graphics IP. A Samsung-made Google processor with AMD graphics, however, is still a bit farther into the future, but it makes for an interesting possibility nonetheless.

The Google Whitechapel is expected to debut in the Pixel 6 Pro (or XL) coming later this year, and it will play a major role in the company’s holistic Android package. Having Google in control of the processor should make it easier for the company to develop and push updates to the silicon without having to go through Qualcomm’s or Samsung’s processes. This, in turn, could be the reason why it will be able to provide five years of software updates to the phone, as rumored earlier as well.

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