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Google Maps, Amazon & eBay Left Apple Watch

It has recently come to light that many known applications which include Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay are no longer part of Apple watch. There was no previous indication or any hint that such user friendly applications are leaving the Apple smart watch. It came as a surprise for the digital market and the users. It appears that these applications silently left Apple Watch App Store without any prior clarification.

Recently it has been explained by a Google representative that though Google has removed its app from the smart watch, it might return back in near future. Any clear date was not mentioned, which again seems vague and unclear.

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The situation seems strange due to the fact that none of the application owners or companies gave any notice before leaving Apple smart watch. Moreover, it also went unnoticed by the users using it. This point in only one direction, that is, users were not using these applications on their smart watches therefore the company decided to silently remove them.  Any other reason behind this withdrawal is not apparent.

We can say that the step taken by Google and Amazon and lack of clarity in it, leaves a lot on user’s imagination.

Image via: Engadget