Uber Islamabad: The ride-hailing company is offering 15 50% off rides in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Uber Islamabad - One of the Top-notch Ride-Hailing Companies in the World

After the successful launch of Uber in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the ride-hailing company is yet again offering riders with special promotions continuing in the second week.

Being one of the top-ride-hailing companies in the world, Uber has witnessed a ginormous list of people waiting for its operations in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. People had been found signing up with its services dreaming of riding in one of the leading ride-hailing providers.

Seen as their success, Uber Islamabad first presented its followers 5 free rides for 4 days starting April 27. Thousands of riders availed these free rides and couldn’t be happier since its launch in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

After this small success, Uber thought of bringing more joy to riders who missed the free rides. But, rides can’t remain free forever. So the ride-hailing company came up with another option.

Rolling out from May 2, Uber has announced a 6-day 50% off rides to the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Using the code; 50offislrwp, riders could now get a discount of 50% on every ride till the midnight of May 7. And every Uber account holder could get 15 50% off rides.

This promotion is not only good for the riders but drivers could also get an opportunity to earn more bucks. Drivers would charge 50% from the riders. And the rest would be paid by the ride-hailing company.

It’s a win-win situation for all.

Promotion: 15 50% rides per one account

Ending date: May 7

Promotion code: 50offislrwp

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