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Google Maps has introduced an indicator that will guide you to the pin location while exploring through the map

As you look up cross streets and other surrounding attractions when investigating a new location on Google Maps, a red location pin is placed at the address for quick access. The issue is that it’s easy to get lost in a Maps rabbit hole and lose sight of the original pin, which normally necessitates zooming out and panning until you locate it once more. Thankfully, a new feature that seems to be rolling out right now has suddenly made this cumbersome experience significantly simpler.

Pin indicator now introduced on Google Maps

Either you are setting up a red point for your location manually or you are getting it pinned through searching for a location, you can now scroll around the map without losing your pinned location. While you are looking at side areas of your pinned location and your pin pointed location has gotten out of the screen, you’ll be able to get an indicator in the direction of your pin. By touching this indicator, the map will re-center all along the way according to your location.

This feature sounds so necessary that we are wondering why it wasn’t implemented before. Many games like Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed use this quite familiar feature and will let you see your location in comparison with other players.

This feature is currently in the process of being added to your maps and is in the initial stages of its rollout. This feature is being tested on a variety of devices, and as of my observation, this feature is working independently of the version of your Google Maps app. The same feature is available if you are tracking down a person using Google Maps location sharing.

Google has been working on its Maps app in recent times and has introduced significant features to the application. In recent updates, new immense view and always-on display support for Wear OS smartwatches was introduced. This feature is in the process of rolling out and will be available on your device soon. As Apple Maps has reached the level of Google Maps, both apps are striving to maintain the level in order to not fall behind.

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