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Google Drive’s search chips will let you find your files efficiently

Google Drive

One of the top cloud storage applications is Google Drive. It is a component of Google Workspace, which also contains program like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Google has been very active in bringing new upgrades to Drive over the past few months. For web users, a Material You revamp started rolling out this month, and last week, a user-friendly facelift was applied to the tablet version. Google has just released a new upgrade for Drive’s web interface that makes it easier to identify certain files using specialized search chips in a drop-down menu.

The new feature adds a chip for persons, which organizes all files from a particular file owner, and a last modified chip to filter files based on regency in addition to filtering My Drive content based on file types.

With Google’s announcement post stating that it is rolling out to Workspace clients, traditional G Suite users, and those with personal Google accounts, practically everyone will be able to access this feature on their Drive accounts. The feature began to spread through rapid-release domains yesterday, although it may take up to 15 days for an individual to see it.

There is no set timetable for when regular users will be able to see these new search chips. According to Google, the deployment would start in Q2 2023 with the customary 15-day window for wider awareness. Fortunately, the firm continued by saying that it would provide additional information on the launch of this modest but valuable feature when the date approaches, which might be at any point during the following few weeks.

Some of Google’s web applications have steadily seen the number of search chips increase. This useful function was added to Google Talk on the web in December, but Gmail already had it.

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