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Google Maps innovates for people with disabilities

Google Maps

Everyone uses Google Maps. The app is a favorite of 70 percent of iPhone users. The new update will make more people love it and favor it against other apps. The new Google Maps update will provide a list of places with wheelchair accessibility along with information like traffic and store hours. This new update will come in handy for people will disabilities and parents who have strollers along with elderly.

The update was made by a Google employees led by product manager of Google Drive, Rio Aksaka. He took advantage of the company 20 percent policy and worked on the project of making Google Maps accessible for people with disabilities. The 20 percent policy made its way to employees 2004. It encourages employees to spend 20 percent of their working shift on personal projects that would benefit the company. Gmail, AdSense and Google News are products of this policy. However, a new rule on this initiative requires asking for permission from managers before working on the projects. A small number of employees take advantage of the 20 percent time policy.

It’s time to update Google Maps

Google Maps new update required a lot of work. Last year was spent working with contributors to develop the framework guidelines for the app. Contributors on the project then collected information on accessible places from Google users and Local Guides. In exchange for beta features and free Google Drive storage the information reached Google. After months of collecting information from its users did Google make the feature available on its Maps.

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Google Map users can see if wheelchair is available by tapping or clicking on the description. The information is available under the amenities tab. It is not available for every location but Google is working on it. It provides a more accessible and useful bubble to the users. Google has always emphasized on the importance of being more accessible to its users and facilitate them. It seems like the company is succeeding at this task and is ahead of many others in the market.

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