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Did you check out Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, has been available on smartphones for a while. The game created by Nintendo feels as if a lot if compromised in its making. In order to play comfortably on touch screens the company changed various methods involved. The move to put Super Mario Run on smartphone is not something new as Nintendo is known to creatively adapt to portable gaming technologies. It could not leave out Mario Run, its memorable franchise out of the move. Super Mario Run on smart phone is a bit different to play.

Super Mario Run is not a side scrolling game, now. It has an automatic runner like the ones used in popular mobile games Temple Run and Canabalt. When you’re playing the game you see that Mario Run to the right of the screen on his own. You can control the characters jump however there are variations. Players can tap the screen for a hop and hold their finger down on the screen for a longer leap. This is a very simple framework which provides a robust experience. A combination of taps and presses the main character can jump walls, catapult, flutter through air and grab ledges. A lot of environmental features modify the characters behavior. For example, the blocks stop Mario from endless skitter towards the east and they help him perform backwards aerials. The game is controlled by a single thumb with a lot of room for creative exploration.

Super Mario Run doesn’t leave out the childhood memories

Nintendo did the most unusual thing through verticality. In comparison to the past Mario adventures where levels build upwards for Mario to zig-zag. The phone version of the game is in portrait mode making it easier for players to play single-handedly. Super Mario Run on smart phone feels like climbing a tower. This game has a highlight of haunted house and maze-like structures. There is a “world tour” mode where there are 24 levels on 6 worlds. Each stage can be replayed and there will be multiple paths to explore from. There are many challenge coins which get hard to find. The different player modes and features ask players to explore different styles. “Toad Rush” mode does not reply on real-time player sessions in order to score the highest score.

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Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Run have a different game architecture. There are castles full with fireballs and saw blades along with 3 style airships. It has six different characters which give out a unique feel so that can be unlocked. Except that there is a lot of repetition in the game. Players can also create their own custom version of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The “always online” mode is a bit annoying because if you’re not connected to wi-fi or data then the game will pause. It requires an internet connection for playing. There are no in-app purchases except for an initial $9.99 for a one-time purchase.

The game is available on iTunes as well.

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