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Google Maps mobile app: Security or helping stalkers?

Google Maps mobile app

Google Maps mobile app now allows users to broadcast their movements to their friends and family. In an era of rampant sharing this shows exactly the type of behavior people are adopting to in order to be relevant by sacrificing their privacy. The location monitoring feature made way to the people on Wednesday. It is an update to the Google Maps mobile app which is already used by half of the world’s population on their smartphones. The feature update will also be available on personal computers soon.

The company rolled this feature out believing that this tool will allow a more convenient way for people to share their whereabouts with others without having to call or text them. Google Maps new update allows who you share your location information with. The individuals can decided if they want to share it with someone and for how long. Sharing can range from a few minutes to indefinite period of time.

Now, we hate to see this wonderful move by Google go wrong. After all, sharing location in one of the most popular apps can at times be a cause of friction in relationships. It seems like people would be stalking one another all the times. Another thing that can cause trouble is if parents demand that their children turn on their location sharing option. Not everyone is as willing to share their locations as Google Maps deems it to be.

Google Maps mobile app is facing backlash from privacy enthusiasts

Glympse is another app through which location tracking is possible. Apple has the option to “Find my Friends” in the iPhone, iPad and Watch. It allows the functioning of locating your friends and family nearby. Google has received a lot of complaints about this option in the Maps. People decide when to turn it on and who to share location with is still risky providing we cannot generalize their life or their needs. “We don’t feel like we are changing the game,” said Jen Fitzpatrick, Google’s vice president of maps.

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Users can activate the location sharing feature on Google Maps by tapping the button near the search bar. The person can pick the contact from their list to text with the information of their location. If recipients do not have access to Google Maps app then their phones will get the text. The text will further have the link that they can open in their browser. Users can set and determine how long their movements can be traced every time they share location. Google will periodically send people email reminders that they are sharing their location if no time limit is selected.

You can update Google Maps app here.

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