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Paxi: The secure taxi you need


In commemorating Women’s Day, Paxi is launching a women only taxi service. The taxi paxi sets itself apart from the mainstream competition by operating solely from Pakistan. It is a Pakistani company that is for women only, making sure that the revenue generated through this venture stays in the country. The service does not rely on apps because not many people in the country have fancy smartphones. Instead, the company is setting up a call centre where customers can call and book a ride with Paxi.

Zahid Sheikh who is the CEO of Paxi says that the working of the service is slightly similar to that of other apps.  He says that “The customers who do not have access to the apps can call the call center where the representative will create an account for the customer using the cell number they provide or the one they have called from. The customer will then be issued a 4-digit PIN which they will have to tell the driver of the taxi to start their ride.”

Texting the helpline is another way to order a cab which will be sent to the desired location.

Paxi is offering competitive rates based on distance and location

One distinct feature being used by the Paxi service is banners and stickers. Uniforms also make them standout from the rest of the crowd. By this it is easy to stop the cabs on the road. The pilots of the cars will be in uniforms so that the consumer knows. The full launch of the service took place today, on the 23rd of March, 2017. However, for women’s day the company decided to launch one section of the service.

Paxi has decided to launch 10 taxis for now. The women only section will have women driving cars which will cater to women only. This seems like a good initiative providing the recent increase in harassment in the country. We expect that the number of taxis will increase in the future. The taxis for women are called Pink Taxi.

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Zahid Sheikh also said remarked, “If our women can fly planes, why not Paxi?” saying that women should get equal opportunities for everything. Paxi is registered with the FBR, SECP and KMC so we can only assume that there won’t be any lawsuits here like we saw with Uber and Careem. The service also covers accidental insurance along with basic services. Each cab is clean and air conditioned coupled with a fire extinguisher and first aid medical kit in case of instant emergency response.

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