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Google Maps Rolling Out AR Navigation To Some Users for Testing

Did you get an AR Navigation system on your Google Maps lately? If yes, that is because Google has rolled out update to some users in order to test its new AR Navigation feature in Google Maps.

Google’s has unveiled this AR Navigation feature for Google Maps in I/O developer’s conference last year, the feature provides direction to users using AR elements using the camera in real-time. Let’s check out some images below how you will be directed by Google Maps.

The feature works pretty much like a video game, the app picks the user’s location via GPS, it then utilizes street view to come up with the exact location, its street view and the pinned location where the user is heading, it then shows big arrows as directions on the screen to the pinned destination.

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Google is currently rolling out the feature to handful of users in order to test the feature thoroughly before it could be rolled out to masses. However, Google has not mentioned that when the feature is rolling out publicly rather it only said it will be available for some local guides soon.Sooner or later Google’s new AR Navigation feature would become reality for everyone; it might also make it way to AR glasses the tech companies have been working on for some time. You might have to wait some more time to use this feature on your way.