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Women Lie More Than Men Using Online Dating Apps: Study Reveals

The popularity and usage of online apps makes people closer, the birth of famous apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social and dating apps like Tinder and Bumble made it easier for everyone to catchup with anyone they like however, there are some restrictions but people can easily get in touch with people they don’t know.

This also creates an opportunity to ghost anyone for fun and for some other reasons, a recent study conducted by BankMyCell states that “82% of women have experienced some form of ghosting as compared to 71% of men.

More interestingly almost half of the women have ghosted someone, which means men obviously, the study states that “50% of Women online have ghosted someone, as compared to 38% of men.”

More Lies Ahead

71% of Women have admitted that they have lied and exaggerated about their pictures on dating apps as compared to 25% of Men.

However, Men seem to be more lying about their number in the study, here men takes the lead. According to statistics, 61% of Men admitted that they have lied about their number as compared to 49% of Women. But an experienced commentator doubted that this could be another lie in the study, I fairly doubt it, and the figures would be 71% women at least.

Well, that was an opinion though; men are more likely to lie about their numbers as compared to women the study reveals.

The study reveals that 58% of men have admitted that they stretch the truth to seem cooler as compared to 42% of Women.

57% of men have lied about having the same interests as compared to 36% of women.

24% of men confess to have better job and earnings as compared to 7% of women.

44% of women use “phone on silent” option as an excuse for the late reply as compared to 33% of men.

35% of men use “I am at work” option as an excuse for replying late as compared to 13% of women.

The study reveals that men and women both lie on dating apps but in a different way and in different capacities. Women mainly lie about their appearance and personality while men mostly lie about their interests, jobs, and earnings. Many people also seek relationship tips which lead to their changing behaviour, all the tips are not reliable as they appear to be which could affect their actual behaviour and mix the flavour of the lie in their attitude.

Methodology The study was conducted among US adults aged between 18-35; a sample of 1521 respondents was extracted from online apps, dating apps users.

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