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Google Messages Can Now Disable Gesture Pinch-To-Zoom

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Google Messages will be able to disable the zoom-to-pinch gesture. An APK examination of the most recent version (v20220121) of the app showed this new feature. It’s likely to go live to the general public within just a couple of weeks. Google introduced the pinch-to-zoom gesture to the Messages app in June. It let users quickly alter the text size by pressing on the screen, such as expanding the size of text on a webpage or zooming into an image. 

Alongside the text, items such as timestamps, message bubbles prompt for quick replies, and the compose field can also expand or shrink. This is an excellent feature to have, especially for those who struggle with eyesight. However, there’s a flaw in this feature, too. It’s activated by default and is not possible to disable it. This may lead to accidental triggers, which can be annoying sometimes. Fortunately, Google is now about fixing the issue.

Setting added to deactivate zoom to pinch

As per 9to5Google the company that conducted the APK test, the most recent version of Google Messages has a hidden option to toggle the setting with this description: Click to zoom the text of conversations. The publication may make this feature invisible and works exactly just as you would imagine. This toggle allows you to switch on or off using the zoom-pinch gesture. When you switch it off, Google Messages does not respond to pinch gestures on the screen. 

Therefore, it will be impossible to trigger accidental triggers in the event that you do not utilize this feature. If you appreciate the pinch-to-zoom gesture and are useful, they are able to use it the same way as before. Maybe there’s something new to offer users to use. Google Messages retains the current text size when you turn off the gesture in toggling. You can then make the app lock to the text size you are comfortable with.

Google Messages currently applies any changes in the size you apply to the current message to the entire conversation. However, the same issue of accidental triggers may inadvertently alter the size of the message. The new toggle is beneficial to all users, both those who utilize the pinch-to-zoom gesture, as well as those who do not. It is important to note that pinch-to-zoom does not affect the icon, on-screen buttons like contact avatars as well as menu text, and the main view of chats.

As stated previously, the new toggle for Google Messages was spotted in the version of the app 20220121 which is now being released to beta users. The feature is still hidden and not accessible to the public yet. But, as it’s believed to be in the process of being ready for public release and is expected to be available soon, it shouldn’t take long before the public rollout starts.