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Google to restrict free unlimited Google Drive storage for WhatsApp

In recent times, Google has been… Let’s say, a bit tight-lipped in the past when it comes to giving free
 The company has stopped providing unlimited backups of Photos to persuade users to
sign to purchase Google One plans if their requirements were higher than the 15GB provided at no cost with each account.
 The company is now to another advantage. Drive is currently not able to take into account WhatsApp backups as part of your storage allowance however if newly released information is any indication, Google might be soon making limits on the amount of your data you can keep in the cloud, for no cost.

A few months ago an in-development feature was released that, once launched will allow users to control the size of their backups and select which portions from the WhatsAppconversation history wish to upload into the cloud. In the past, it was believed that this was being planned for revocation or at the very least a limitation of Drive’s free storage to store WhatsApp backups. It appears that the hunch was correct. WABetaInfo discovered some interesting strings when they were analyzing WhatsApp’s most
recent beta, and they’re not great news for users who have huge, bulky backups.

Some of these strings show how the app will let you know the latest information (“Google Backup is
changing”) as well as detailed notifications that notify you that you’re nearing the end of your storage free (“Google Drive nearly full”) and also when you’ve hit the limitation (“Google Drive limit exceeded”).
 Based on previous details it’s possible that this free tier will be limited to 2GBhowever, these strings don’t give any information on whether this is correct or not, however, so don’t rely on that. After you’ll still be able to save the chat messages onto Google Drive, but it will begin to count against your
storage allowance.

2GB is sufficient as long as you don’t add too many media files however if you begin adding up videos and photos that you download over time and years, the amount starts to add up. Does it seem like my file size is 17GB? So yeahstart saving now to get the Google One plan, or save your backups locally.