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Google Messages icon is now appearing in your notifications

The Google Messages icon has now appeared in your notification bar. After three months of being announced, it has finally begun to appear in your notification bar. Google completely updated its message icon some time ago.

Google Messages notifications are now appearing in your notifications

It took the company quite a while to launch this feature, as it was already displayed in the Play Store along with all marketing materials. But now it’s available, and you can see it in your notification bar.

We aren’t sure if it’s available yet, but many customers have already obtained it. The latest icon varies in colour from grey to white depending on the background colour of your device.

Google has updated the design of its icon. The latest sign is like a double bubble chat icon that is being updated from an old design that contained a single box with some lines in it.

Some may argue that the previous design was superior, but this one unquestionably is because it reflects the app’s purpose in and of itself. The whole purpose of this app is to stay connected via messaging. As it contains much more features than a regular messaging app, such as RCS functionality.

The Google Messages app has been around somewhere

Google has made endless attempts to set up its own chat applications. We can say that the idea for this app was floating around somewhere all the time.But we have no idea how long Google will keep this app.

Google messaging is being launched as a default SMS app on many devices. We hope that Google will not make any attempts to vary it in any way. Although RCS isn’t working as expected, we can see that Google can develop it further than that in the meantime.

It’s not working out for Google to get Apple to join. Despite the fact that Google views RCS as essentially SMS 2.0, Apple doesn’t really have a motive to do this. Apple actually has no reason to adopt RCS because iMessage keeps users within the Apple environment.