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Google Might Have Faked its AI Demo Call as Per New Reports

Google’s new feature in which Google Assistant was demonstrated making actual phone calls for users gained a lot of attention and applaud. But, as per the new theory it all might just have been fake.

Some days back, at the Google I/O annual developer conference, Google presented a new feature for Google Assistant called “Google Duplex”. The feature was such that could handle actual phone calls on user’s behalf, thus making life much simple and easy for them. However, new theory suggests that this whole demo must have been faked.

In the demo, the AI made phone calls to the hair salon and to a restaurant for making reservations for their clients without the person on the other end of phone line knowing that they are conversing with a machine.

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Axios indicated a few things that just don’t line up with the reality. Firstly, it pointed out that the person on the other end neither recognizes themselves nor the business by name. Secondly, the receptionist only asked AI for a first name and not for a phone number or any contact details for completing the reservation process. Lastly, there were no background noises indicating the presence of chatting customers or the sounds of hair dryers.

Futurism wrote that this complete scenario of Google Duplex demonstrating fake AI has urged many people to voice their opinion about it. One social media user tweeted that it was horrifying.

Axios—the news publication has even contacted the tech giant, however, a Google representative refused to comment. Android Authority wrote that there is a possibility that Google had made one of its employees to pose or act as a salon/ restaurant worker.

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