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Updated Google Assistant Could Make Calls to Book Your Appointment

Google held its Google I/O annual developer conference very recently and announced few significant upgrades, including a major change in Google Assistant.

One major upgrade is that the firm’s virtual—Google Assistant can now actually make phone calls on user’s behalf, hence making life much simpler and easier. Google announced that Google Assistant could cut down user’s work to half by making appointments or reservations on the user’s behalf through phone calls when the appointment or reservations could not be booked online. The Google Assistant would incorporate the use of the technology called “Google Duplex” which would be rolling out as an experiment soon.

As per the details provided by Engadget, while the feature was being displayed by Sundar Pichai—CEO of Google, the tech giant displayed the Assistant placing a call and booking an appointment with a hair salon for its “client”. The user was asked for the details relating the appointment and the Assistant did the job for them by providing details and answering all the questions and later informed the user.

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During the second demonstration, the Google Assistant even reserved a restaurant reservation along with handling many complicated questions easily.

According to Google, the Duplex AI system is a novel technology for making normal conversations for carrying out the real-world activities over the phone without the person on the other end even realizing that they are talking to a machine. For giving a more natural feel the Assistant even displayed hesitations and affirmations during the phone calls like “err” or “mm-hmm”.

The testing phase would soon be launched by Google. Presently the system is further being refined.

As per the reports of The Guardian, during the complete demonstrations, the Google Assistant did not recognize itself as a machine and instead deceives itself as a normal human. Google said this would might change.

It is vital to mention that the users and businesses must have a good experience with this newly developed service. It was further mentioned that Google wants to be clear with the intent of the call, so businesses should understand the purpose.

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