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Google might introduce a Fuchsia-powered device in 2023


Google may be developing a new product. But what is new in this? Companies are always up to something new. Well, this product could be unique since it could be powered by Fuchsia OS. This information comes from a now-deleted document by the company. According to this document we can expect the new product to make its appearance as early as the following year.

9to5Google mentioned in a report that a new document having the details of an upcoming product powered by Fuchsia OS was published in the previous week. The document was released publicly. However, now it has either been taken down or concealed. Thus, pointing out that Fuchsia developers are up to something new.

Furthermore, Fuchsia could gain JavaScript support for development. Since 9to5Google suggests that JavaScript makes the device’s function controllable as well as manageable. Besides this information, we come to know that the internal documents also contained the factories’ support. Through this point, we can hint at a device powered by Fuchsia OS. During the production phase, the companies test the new products in factories. One extract from the document stated that Fuchsia OS could be used on devices manufactured in factories. In addition to this, it pointed out that JavaScript support will be ready by the first half of 2023. Thus, we can expect a product soon.

Initially, in 2016, Google started working on the Fuchsia project. However, the project remained behind the curtain for several years. In 2021, it made an appearance on consumer products i.e., first-gen Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max products. Both these products are distributed with Linus-based Cast OS out of the box.

Besides this, Google might be working to integrate Fuchsia into a range of smart speakers. It could be incorporated into Nest Audio and the forthcoming Buckeye. Buckeye is a speaker powered with ultra-wideband [UWB]. Given the release of the product launch i.e., later in 2023 or early 2024, we can anticipate that Buckeye could be the first device featuring Fuchsia OS. Well, we have seen that Google has upscaled the development of Fuchsia OS in recent months. However, we have no solid clues about a new product. Anyhow, we will come across more information with time.