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Microsoft will reportedly drop the dual-screen setup for the forthcoming Surface Duo

Surface Duo

The next Surface Duo could be redesigned by the company. This information is based on a new report. This report suggests that the upcoming Surface Duo could be featured with a foldable display. It could be different from the previous models i.e., Surface Duo 2 which presented dual-screen displays.

The report is sourced from Windows Central. It contains quite some interesting details. However, do note here that the interesting part of this report is not the information that Microsoft is going to introduce a foldable smartphone. But it is actually the explanation of how the company ditched its prior plans.

It appears that the design, features, and specifications for the forthcoming device were decided. It was supposed to be presented with a narrow and tall edge-to-edge display along with wireless charging capabilities as well as other improvements. With all such things in the final stage, the device was expected to debut by the end of the following year.

It is stated that this decision is a result of extensive hardware prototyping as well as experimentation and testing. The device will be presented with a 180-degree hinge. It will include an internal foldable display along with an external cover display. It is somewhat similar to the HONOR Magic Vs and Vivo X Fold. Well, this is what is unveiled till now. We can still expect things to change. And side by side we can expect it to arrive in the Fall of 2023.

In addition to this, the report claims that Microsoft is looking for strategies for improving its Android smartphone lineup. It further revealed that the firm has prototyped various designs of smartphones. So, we can expect several devices to be introduced in the future.

Well, if we go by this report, we will have to opt for the wait-and-watch policy in order to figure out how Microsoft has distinguished its product from other companies.