Google might introduce a new subscription bundle as a replacement for the Pixel Pass

When it comes to subscription services of the tech giant Google, there are a lot. You can find them in the form of Google One, YouTube subscription plans, Nest Aware, and even Fitbit. Yes, Fitbit Premium is now part of Google products. If you want to access Google’s cloud services, head to Google One. If you want to manage Nest smart home products, subscribe to Nest Aware services. And who is unaware of the YouTube subscription plans?

According to some recent pieces of information, the company might be working on integrating two of these services. The APK teardown of the Google Home app reveals that the company could soon come forward with an “all-in-one plan.” In a code string that was uncovered by 9to5Google, the Google subscription package is specified as including “Nest Aware, 2TB of storage for Photos, Drive, and Gmail, and more perks.”

There is no information on what will be included in the benefits section. It might include a premium YouTube membership, any other service offered by Google, or access to a free VPN. Well, the combination is pretty nice and useful for users who use these Google services.

The usability of bundles increases if they are cost-effective. Recently, Google increased the prices of Nest Aware subscriptions to $8 each month. Furthermore, the price of the 2TB One plan is $9.99 per month. For this reason, the above-mentioned bundle should come with a price tag of $17 per month. Otherwise, it won’t be worth it.

Interestingly, this information came when Google recently announced that it would be discontinuing the Pixel Pass. Notably, this bundle was not even available for a time period of two years. Pixel Pass offered a combination of services, including the latest Pixel phones.

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