The web version of Google Photos is set to receive a nice update

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Some users prefer the web versions of the app, while others prefer the mobile versions. The same is the case with the Google Photos app. Whatever the case may be, the companies are required to regularly introduce new updates and features to each and every version of their apps.

According to the information shared by folks at 9To5Google, the web version of the Google Photos app is set to receive a new update. With the new update, users will conveniently upload their photos. Although the update is minimal, it is still very helpful.

Google Photos for desktop is set to receive a nice update

While uploading pictures from a desktop to Google Photos, a list of options appears. Users can select computer or Google Drive as the option besides the “Add from other places’ section. Users can benefit from this option and upload photos from any destination, like digitize physical photos, transfer from their photo collections, back from their computer, or scan photos with their phone.

With the new update, the menu will be modified slightly. Now, the Google Drive option won’t appear separately; rather, it will be located inside the “Add from other places” section. Apart from this, there is another visual modification. Reportedly, the company has modified the upload UI. Now the uploads will feature the number of files and the time left to upload. Well, this is an overall nice addition to the desktop version of the app.

There is a blue stop button that you can use to stop the upload if you need to. You’ll see the list of files you’re uploading underneath that. Although the changes are small, they are meaningful, specifically in cases where a user uploads large files. The new feature will inform the user about the time required to upload a file.

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