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Google Might Launch a Cheaper Pixel Phone This Summer

There was a time when Google introduced and started selling its Nexus phone. At that time these phones sold also meant an affordable Android experience. But ever since Google has started directly competing with the iPhone and Galaxy series with the launch of its Pixel phones the affordable Android phones by Google disappeared. Now it appears that the firm is looking for options to recapture the budget-friendly market segment.

As per the Economic Times, Google is currently planning to launch a cheaper version of the Pixel phone targeted for the developing markets like India, where the Nexus series was once widely famous. In the same line, Google is planning to introduce an aggressive marketing strategy for building its brand presence and value. It is planning to bring other devices like the Google Home too.

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The device is expected to be released somewhere around July or August, a few months before the launch of Pixel 3.

It could not be said with clarity that whether these cheaper Pixel phones would be knocking on other market segments or it would just be limited to certain segment like some Android One phones.

This is for the first time that Google has crafted such a sharp marketing strategy for rolling out the smartphone which is in mid-range and sell them aggressively to beat the rivals like Apple, Samsung and Amazon as per senior industry executives.

The company plans on spending extensively on marketing and extending the distribution into the general trade like Samsung and Apple have been doing since years particularly in the Indian market.

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