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Huawei Honor 7A is on Sale now for $127

The Huawei Honor 7A was launched yesterday as Huawei is launched a series of smartphones this year so far, some experts are also concerned about Huawei’s approach of offloading the phones without focusing more on the market, consumers and technology trends.

Still, Huawei is the top smartphone manufacturer in China, according to some reports Huawei will be the top smartphone brand in the world without even entering the U.S. market. However, the company is facing fierce competition from other brands. Xiaomi is the one who gives a hard time to Huawei on their own land.

Xiaomi as being one the emerging smartphone company in China and rest of the world is quite notorious in offering low prices on premium hardware and respectable performance creates woes for Huawei. After looking at the competitive landscape, Huawei has revised its strategy to come up with a range of smartphones with cheaper prices that could play well in the market when compared to Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi is also mulling to expand in the regions other than China on contrary, recently the company has announced to launch its first official store in Karachi Pakistan, a market of 193.2 million plus users other than China.

But Huawei has been creating a new market positioning by launching cost-effective smartphones in the market. The new smartphone Huawei Honor 7A went on sale this morning with a price tag of 799 Yuan or $127. The price is quite attractive though as far as hardware is concerned. The phone has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, while it has a premium variant as well along with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. The latter comes in for 999 Yuan or $159 which is still a catchy price tag.

The phone is available for purchase from various online places and offline stores in China and surroundings. Let your hands get to the new Huawei Honor 7A and let us know your thoughts.

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