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Google News tests trying to catch your eye with bigger, bolder stories

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Most of Google’s apps received Material You-themed redesigns ahead of Android 12’s official launch last year, including Maps, Play, and Photos. There’s a handful of services that have yet to receive a visual refresh, with Google News chief among them. While the app has yet to get a full Material You redesign, an updated look is currently being tested with a select group of users.

While there’s no dynamic theming to be seen here just yet, the new design does manage to look pretty fresh. Google News now uses bigger, bolder lettering than the old UI for its headings, even renaming its main display as “Your briefing.” The weather icon at the top has been replaced with a new pill-shaped button, matching the Material You design guidelines and hinting at more changes to come in the future.

Left: Old design. Middle, right: New design.
While those banners aren’t a complete match for Google’s newest version of Android, it does get close to certain elements. For example, the settings menu on Pixels has a similar look and feel, adding empty space in exchange for improved one-handed reachability and accessibility. It’s similar to how One UI’s large app headings are used, and has since become a popular trend in app design for phone displays pushing seven inches.

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This new design for Google News is currently in testing, but it seems to be limited to a server-side update. While a few folks on the AP team managed to get it to show, I didn’t, even after updating to the latest version of the app. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try it for yourself by grabbing the latest APK from APK Mirror. With any luck, you’ll get an opportunity to try out these changes before everyone else.

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