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Google Photos app encrypts Motion Stills features

Google photos app

Google Photos app is an audience favorite for Android and iOs. Google is set to make the Google Photos app even more amazing then it already is. The version 2.0 that was released this week gives user the charge to turn their live edit photos shot from iOs into GIFS that can be shared with friends and family.

Google Photos app rolls out more features for the audience

The Verge reports that this feature is only available on iPhone at the moment but turning live photos into GIFS and video clips would be soon accessible to those not using an iOs device as well. Google research initially introduced the feature of editing live photos in the summer with the Motion Stills app.

Motion Stills App scanned the phone camera folders for Live Photos and then edited them into GIFs and movies with nominal amount of shake in the process. The feature is great for sharing small clips with family and friends.  The feature has been rolled out to Google Photos 2.0 and now people can share it on their other social media platform-Instagram, for example. Google Photos app lets user share their pictures and small video clips on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

If users are looking for more edits into their Live Photos when it comes to making GIFs and small clips then they have to work on Motion Still app. However, the update on Google Photos app is a welcoming fresh breath to an already competitive photo service for iOs devices.

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The move by Google to integrate Motion Stills stabilization feature saves the users the hassle of downloading another app. Now, Google Photos app 2.0 will be able to freeze backgrounds, add cinematic pans and save the edited results as a looping video. Google Photos app can be downloaded for free on iPhone and iPad.

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