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Twitter direct messages now have read receipts

Twitter direct messages


Twitter is the hub for what is happening around the world. It is a place for breaking stories, news, entertainment and self-expression. The social networking service enables users to express their thoughts in 140 character messages called tweets. Twitter direct messages also facilitate personal correspondence between individuals. Like Facebook or Whatsapp, that make the user know when their messages were read by the other party, Twitter had no method of conveying that the message had been read.

Twitter direct messages set to roll out read receipts

Facebook uses time stamps and Whatsapp uses blue ticks to let the user know that their message has been read. It seems that Twitter is also adopting the method of read receipts in direct messaging. Now, in Twitter direct messages users will be able to see the message timestamp as to when it has been read. A blue check mark will appear next to the messages when seen through Twitter’s mobile apps, available both on Android and iOs. Soon enough users will be able to see the read receipts on Twitter.com as well.

The Verge reports that, Twitter has given users the freedom to opt out of the feature by going to the Security page. Users can then disable their receipts and would not be allowed to see check marks on their own sent messages too.

This update seems to chalk Twitter’s way into a new messaging system that would not be limited to just a social media platform. Two other features have also been added to Twitter which are link previews and typing indicators-this has surely transitioned Twitter as an individual messaging service.

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This move comes under criticism from the social media network where users openly bashed this new feature. The new move of messaging app seems that the social media network is finally notching its game up.

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