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Google Photos Getting Secure with Locked Folder

Google announced the new ‘Locked Folder’ for Google Photos, which is a step forward to offer you a secure room for your personal photos and videos.

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We all have heard that Google is soon going to limit some features on Google Photos. The app has been here for quite some time, offering features like access to our photos and videos on several linked devices in a safe and secure manner, let’s edit them right from the app, sort them with its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, and much more. It would be a loss when some features would be limited (only for free account holders). Yet, it would remain one of the best apps for managing pictures and videos on Android devices.

In a recent Google I/O 2021, we also heard the company introduced a new security feature – Locked Folder. This feature gives an additional secure room to your data. This ‘Locked Folder’ could be easily created and well-protected by biometric authentication or a passcode. So, for instance, you’re showing some pictures to a friend, but don’t want him to see all the pictures saved on your Google Photos account; you throw those photos in this secure folder and rest assure that no one but you could view these photos or videos.

You might have seen such a feature in some other app, but for Google Photos, it’s new, and we’re glad to receive this feature. This feature might not be available on your device. But as tipped, it is expected to come later this year.

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