Google Photos is Finally Rolling Out Locked Folder to Non-Pixel Devices

Google Photos is rolling out the Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel smartphones.

google photos rolls out Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel smartphones

Google Photos has finally started rolling out the Locked Folder feature to a series of non-Pixel smartphones. Users can now safely protect their photos from unauthorized access.

The company first rolled out this feature earlier this year to some Pixel smartphones. Now the company is expanding its horizon and is rolling out the same to other companies’ devices.

Though it isn’t a unique feature as many other smartphone companies are already providing such facilities, it’s still a noteworthy feature.

The feature might not receive older devices. I have a Samsung Galaxy A6. The feature is not yet available on that. But Android Police claims they found the feature on a Galaxy A52. 9To5Google also saw the same in several other companies, including Oppo and OnePlus.

The Locked Folder in Google Photos is protected by a PIN or fingerprint. They don’t sync with the cloud, which could be a good thing and a bad as well. If someone else has access to your Google cloud account, they still can’t see your protected media. But if you lose your device, you will lose all the data on the secured folder.

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