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The Dawn of 6G: What to Expect and When It Will Arrive

The rollout of 5G is still ongoing, but it has already been a game changer in places where it’s available. It’s hard to imagine how internet speeds can get any better than this, but there’s no doubt that the technology is set to continue evolving.

Indeed, there is already talk of what will happen when 6G takes over. The next markup for internet connectivity is likely to begin rolling out in 2030. Along with ultra-high speeds, it will come with various other high-tech upgrades.  

5G Has Brought About Some Amazing Advancements

The introduction of 5G has made many things possible that people couldn’t imagine before. Live-streaming is one of the greatest updates that this form of the internet introduced. The online casino sector, for example, has experienced a vast influx of new users who are interested in playing live games.

Online roulette is an example of a game that has evolved greatly in the 5G era. There are now countless live-streamed options to choose from with real world dealers, such as Mega Roulette Live and Immersive Roulette Live. These titles rely on lightning fast connections so that players can get the sense that they are playing them in a physical casino. They wouldn’t work if there was a risk of the connection dropping.

When Will 6G Roll Out?

With 5G still in the process of spreading around the world, it’s hard to make a prediction about when 6G will start being introduced. However, industry insiders expect the commercial rollout to begin around 2030, with the estimates based on ongoing developments and standardization efforts. For example, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project has set a timeline for the evolution from 5G to 6G, and it expects significant milestones in the next decade. Initial lab tests and pilot programs for 6G are anticipated to start by 2028, and this will set the stage for broader deployment by 2030.

Current efforts are focused on finalizing 5G Advanced Evolution, and the subsequent releases of this markup will bridge the transition to 6G. Release 18 is expected to be completed by mid-2024. This will include enhancements in areas such as multiple input multiple output technology and AI/ML data-driven designs. This will lay the groundwork for the advanced capabilities of 6G.

What Will 6G Bring?

There are various exciting upgrades that will come about with 6G, and the technology is likely to be the final piece of the puzzle that merges the online and psychical worlds. This will be done through higher speeds and connectivity. 6G could potentially operate above 100 GHz and download content at up to one terabit per second.

There will also be ultra-low latency, meaning that the reactions could be in the microsecond range. This will enable applications that need instant data transmission, such as autonomous vehicles. Some other advantages to 6G include its potential for energy efficiency and the fact that it will lead to new full-sensory digital experiences. 5G has been a revelation for internet users so far, but 6G will make the online world even smoother. The technology is likely to come in at the end of the decade, and it will finally bridge the online world with the real world.

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