Google Photos is testing a redesign for Android

google photos rolls out Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel smartphones

It’s difficult not to have encountered Google Photos if you’ve owned an Android phone at any point in the previous few years. It is the default gallery app on Pixel phones and comes with a variety of built-in editing capabilities, making it a comprehensive package for anyone, regardless of photography experience. The bottom navigation bar will be eliminated as part of the visual makeover being worked on by this practical gallery app for several of its UI components.

Some screenshots of this functionality were shared by the dependable Google News Telegram channel. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find this on your app just yet; it’s reportedly trickling out to a select group of Photos users. The absence of the bottom navigation bar in these screenshots is clearly visible. The present Search tab receives a separate circular floating button to the right in the new version, which instead uses a floating bar with options for Photos, Memories, and Library.

The Sharing option has been moved to the top right of the screen, to the left of the profile picture, from where it previously resided on the bottom bar in the current version of Photos. The Memories page has also undergone a complete revamp with a new user interface, like one that the same source first saw in early May. Additionally, we can see that the Google Photos logo has been moved from the center of the screen to the upper left.

We are sceptic about whether these design changes would ever appear in the stable version of Google Photos because a large portion of them conflict with Google’s own apps. According to Nail Sadykov, the person in charge of the Google News Telegram channel, the distribution of this new interface is restricted to a “narrow range” of Android and iPhone owners. This shows that Google is only trying out this radical new look and isn’t planning to go all in.

It depends on your preferences whether you like these design modifications. While some people might enjoy the occasional shift in UI elements, others, like me, prefer UI uniformity throughout all of Google’s products. It’s safe to say that Google photographs is the most straightforward way to keep your photographs and videos in the Android ecosystem, even though some of these UI modifications may not work perfectly.

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