There won’t be a native Apple Vision Pro app from Netflix

Since Netflix reportedly declined to develop a special software for Apple’s headset, the Apple Vision Pro is unlikely to feature a native Netflix app experience at launch.

A more engaging user experience will be provided by the Apple Vision Pro, including apps that stream video. While some are anticipated to create a comprehensive experience for the Apple Vision Pro, at least one won’t be making much of an attempt.

According to Mark Gurman’s reading of Sunday’s Bloomberg “Power On” email, Netflix has “no current plans to develop a native app for Vision Pro.”

Netflix will continue to provide some sort of video streaming even though it won’t pursue the native app route. Netflix is likely to at least modify its tablet app for the headset since Apple states that developers can quickly convert iPad apps to run on the Apple Vision Pro.

On other VR platforms, Netflix does already provide a more immersive streaming experience. The Netflix app features a setting of a nice lounge with furnishings and trinkets in front of a huge virtual television for the Meta Quest series.

Others are predicted to put in more effort for the Apple Vision Pro despite the absence of an official native Netflix app. Disney has revealed that it will create 3D interactive experiences for the Disney+ app, collaborating with brands like “Star Wars” and ESPN to produce 3D replays of sporting events.

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