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Google Photos launches Private Messaging Service

google photos rolls out Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel smartphones

Google Photos is launching a private messaging service, a revamped share option that is a private messaging feature built into the Google Photos iOS and Android mobile and website.

This is an indication that Google is acknowledging that photos these days are about communication as much as they are about collecting memories.

Now for sharing photos users don’t have to create an entire album. A one-off message can be sent to a friend if the friend also has Google Photos installed. It is similar to you sharing pictures on Instagram, Snapchat, SMS, or any other chat app.

Users can also turn photos sharing to chat by liking and sharing the picture. Thus sharing a picture can lead to the starting of a conversation.

Now Google Photos have become a social application that might, in turn, attract more users. Google Photos is quite a trusted platform to save your memories without having to think about storage or backups.

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Google tweeted, “Now when you’re sending pictures and videos to your friends or family, you can share them in an ongoing, private conversation in @googlephotos. Here’s how sharing within the app just got simpler → http://goo.gle/33GffCZ.”

The product manager in a blog post said, “This feature isn’t designed to replace any chat apps you already use, but we do hope it improves sharing memories with your friends and family in Google Photos.”

Adding, “This is gradually rolling out over the next week and, as always, you can share these photos with your friends and family across all platforms — Android, iOS and the web — without any loss in image quality from the photos you backed up.”

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Even though it is quite a smart idea, one wonders why it took Google so long to launch it.

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