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Google Photos To Offer Premium Features For ‘Google One’ Subscribers

google photos rolls out Locked Folder feature to non-Pixel smartphones

Google has long been thinking about offering some exclusive features to Photos users who have subscribed to a paid ‘Google One Cloud’ subscription. The colleagues of xda-developers managed, rummaging through the meanders of the APK of version 5.18 for Android, to find out some more details on what to expect from this project. Of course, the warning is always valid that there is nothing announced and official, so Google’s plans could change at any time and to any extent.

To begin with, we have a series of strings that invite the Photo user to subscribe to Google One ; here it is explicitly said that the subscription will unlock new editing features, as well as additional cloud space.

  • As a Google One member, you get access to extra editing features
  • Get extra editing features with a Google One membership
  • Unlock this feature and more with a Google One membership
  • Unlock more editing features and {storage_amount} of storage with a Google One membership

There are also references to the possibility of Foto suggesting to the user three pre-productions presets, namely “Dynamic”, “HDR” and “Vivid”. Finally, it is possible that a sky replacement filter is on the way as seen in the most recent versions of the MIUI Gallery app, Xiaomi’s Android customization. The filter is internally known as “Skypalette”, and includes six presets:

  • Afterglow
  • Airy
  • Ember
  • Luminous
  • Radiant
  • Stormy

Now, there are no clear and unambiguous indications that the pre-production effects and sky replacement filter will only be available to Google One subscribers. But it’s a rather odd coincidence that the strings were all added at the same time – and only these. As we said, this is shaky information and subject to change, but for the moment this is. We can certainly say that Google is working hard to make it’s premium subscription more and more attractive: recently it has also introduced a VPN service as well.