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Now You Can Schedule Messages With ‘Google Messages’

Google Messages

The search engine company Google has released another update for the Android app Messages. From now on, users have the option of planning when a message will be sent. So far it was only possible to send a message without delay.

This emerges from a report by XDA-Developers. While the Messages app has always sent SMS messages immediately, users can now specify a time for sending them. You can choose between predefined times or set your own date. The written message will then only be sent at the appropriate time. Sending is only carried out if the phone is then switched on.

SMS can be edited before sending

Of course, the scheduled time can be changed at any time before the message has actually been sent. It is also possible to delete the SMS that you have written or to edit it again before sending it. The message has not yet been sent if a clock symbol is displayed next to the text. In contrast to many other functions of the Messages app, the timing of messages does not require the use of Rich Communication Services (RCS). The feature also works with normal SMS.

The update will be distributed periodically

The update seems to be rolled out in waves so that the new function is currently only showing up with relatively few users. However, it is likely that the new feature will also be delivered to other users in the coming weeks.