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Google Pixel 4 Motion Sensor Feature Details revealed

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Google’s is doing something different from the other smartphones the search engine giant is going to equip the Google Pixel 4 with motion detection chip dubbed Soli.

Google Pixel 4 is the first-ever smartphone to come with motion detector chip, Google has already announced this a couple of months ago and said, “For the past five years, our Advanced Technology and Projects team (ATAP) has been working on Soli” it is also called Motion Sensing Radar.

New information leaked about the Motion Sensor or Motion Sensing Radar in a video my a leakster “This Is Tech Today” suggests that Motion Sensor will not work in several regions including India or maybe Pakistan as well due to legal certifications and clearances. Here is the detailed account of Google Pixel 4 leaks on this video.

Google has included various hand gestures to control the device, some of the images have been shared to clarify the Motion Sense Feature and its settings menu.

Users would be able to control the device with different hand gestures to perform the different tasks such as mute the call, wake the display turn on the lock screen, skip songs. These are the options that are currently unveiled, however, Soli chip which is being built for the last five years is capable of doing much more.

Google might have withheld some the capabilities for the next Google Pixel releases which is quite possible.

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Google has improved the camera with 8X Zoom and taking the shots of moving objects, it will help users to take great sports shots. The speed of the device is also improved in Google Pixel 4.

It has also revealed that Google is working on a separate project parallel to Pixel which the company will announce on the day of launch, Google Pixel 4 launch date is expected to be October 15 according to Evan Blass. As far as the price is concerned we are not really sure about the exact price at this time, however, analysts suggest that Google will probably keep the price lower than the top tier Apple and Samsung phone. It could be little lower but not much.

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