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Google Pixel 5 2020, Price, Specifications and Release Date

In this article, we will tell our readers about Google Pixel 5, price, specifications and release date. Right now what we know is very limited and a lot of the info is just rumored but we might tell our readers what to anticipate for.

First of all, the question is when will Google Pixel 5 release? Well, it is expected that it will launch in October 2020.

The second question is what would be the cost of Google Pixel 5? Well, we don’t know much about that. Google launched Google Pixel 4 at a comparatively reasonable price for £669. So it might be the same for Pixel 5. However, expect the phone to be costly.

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Now we come to the specifications of Google Pixel 5. As per the leak by leaker Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, a very large new back module with a clear face-like design is shown. It is distinctive and huge.

Coming to the screen of Google Pixel 5, we don’t know much about it yet. Pixel 4 had 5.7in and 6.3in OLED screens, respectively with a 90Hz refresh rate. So Pixel 5 might have a similar screen.

As for the OS of the phone, we are pretty sure Google will stick with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship chip. We expect Snapdragon 865 chip inside the Pixel 5.

Coming to the cameras of Google Pixel 5, in Pixel 4 for the first time, Google put more than one main camera on the phone so that expansion might be seen in Pixel 5 as well. It is suggested by Prosser that the Soli radar system of Pixel 4 and the 3D facial-scanning security capabilities will be seen in Pixel 5 as well.

An important question here is that would Google Pixel 5 have 5G compatibility. At least we can hope for it.

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