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Google Pixel 9 won’t be getting the processor we expected

The processor we would like to see in the Google Pixel 9 won’t be available. The source of this information is a Google insider, and Android Authority has passed it along.

The revolutionary processor that we all need and want won’t be in the Google Pixel 9

In this case, the Google Tensor G4 SoC is under discussion. Two years ago, Google released the Pixel 6 series, which had its own Tensor chips. From the beginning, they were inferior to the opposition, and it appears that this year and next year will be no different.

The Tensor chips’ design is largely based on Samsung’s Exynos chips, while they also contain components from Google. It is somewhat of a problem that Samsung’s Exynos architecture is not the best available. Performance- and power-wise, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon flagship CPUs are superior.

Despite some significant advancements, the Tensor G3 won’t be as potent as its rivals

The Tensor G3, which will be a part of the Pixel 8 series this year, is expected to make several significant advancements over the Tensor G2. Even still, it won’t even come close to matching the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

According to The Information’s claim from a few months back, Google had originally intended to equip their 2024 Pixel series (also known as the Pixel 9 series) with a “fully custom” Tensor processor code-named “Redondo.” By the way, it’s also known as “RDO.”

The TSMC process node was scheduled to be used to manufacture that chip. For those of you who are unaware, TSMC is currently regarded as the industry leader and produces all Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors.

The issue is a missed deadline

It appears that we won’t receive that chip next year. It is said that a missed deadline will prevent it from happening. It appears that chip came out too late to be incorporated into the Pixel 9 line. It’s a long process. We can expect this change in 2025 with the Pixel 10 series. We can hope for a proper Google-made Tensor chip.

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