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Google Pixel Phones to have Car Crash Detection Feature


Google is working on a Personal Safety app that will have “car crash detection” feature. Google Pixel phones would have car crash detection feature in the safety app. Different sensors including an accelerometer and the microphone will ensure that an accident is deducted as it occurs. The phone will loudly sound an alarm. If there is no response then it will automatically call 911 service and provide your location to the emergency services in the US.

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People will have two opportunities to confirm if they are fine after an accident is detected. If they don’t respond only than an emergency call will be placed to 911.

Google will use Pixel’s location, motion sensors, and “ambient audio” from the microphone to find out if an accident has occurred. However, Google warned that “high-impact activities might activate car crash detection,” thus individuals would have to click on “I’m OK” to stop a false-trigger emergency call.

The car crash detection feature will just be available in the US once the Personal Safety app rolls out.

This feature might cause confusion at times, however, it can also save lives by informing 911 about an accident on time.