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Google Pixel Smartphones Will be Launched by October 4

Rumors predicted that Google’s new Pixel Smartphones would be launching on October 3rd earlier, but the Google’s YouTube video has indicated the launch date October 4. Google has not unveiled the details of handsets but has given some clues to judge the detailed specifications of the phones.

According to Evan Blass, the new handsets are Pixel and Pixel XL models equipped with Snapdragon 836 processor, the phones will also have a long battery life comparatively and have more internal storage, leaks also suggest that internal storage would be extendable.

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The phone will have a camera that could outperform other cameras with its sharper images, in the video the meaning of “Why my phone doesn’t understand me” clearly implying Google assistant which will have skills to respond to your queries.

The questions in the video about “Why is my smartphone so slow” hot, fragile, annoying, broken,….dumb infer phone being really fast, without getting hot with long hours of usage and have the strong body.

Various leaks suggest that the phones come with new Snapdragon 836 processor, and 1440 Pixels screen resolution, 4GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage. As Google has partners in developing its Pixel models, HTC will be finalizing the smaller Pixel model and LG will take on XL model.

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Phones leaked images are not reflecting the elegant design, but they are not ugly either, it seems Google is focusing more on performance rather than makeup, reportedly the phones will be missing headphone jack, let’s see what’s true and what’s not on October 4th.

Earlier Google had problems in production and supply with Pixel predecessors, you may not be able to find one in the major markets, hopefully, Google will fix the supply issue with new variants.