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Google Pixel2 has a camera that can take DSLR like photos

Google Pixel2 and Pixel2 XL have just recently been announced by the company and now you might be waiting for the gadget to come out for your touch. Google has already running out the stock it has for preorders before it lands the shelves and finally, your hand let us show you some more quality corners of the phone.

You must have heard of the feature “Do Not Disturb” which can automatically be enabled while you are driving the car. It’s always listening ability while you listen to the songs in your vicinity, and show you the titles and artist details while its locked are the blatant features you won’t ignore.

But photos would definitely amaze you, when compared to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus on various blogs, Google Pixel 2 clearly wins the race with two meters margin of course.

Google Pixel 2 Photos

Google has recently uploaded photos on Google Photos to let you know how you can capture your moments with Google Pixel 2 camera, the photos are stunning that it would make you think they are taken from DSLR in the first place.

You can also check out more photos and videos here



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