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Microsoft Decides to Shut Down the Production of Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft’s Windows division would no more be focusing on Window 10 mobile, informed by the Microsoft’s Windows division head.

Bill Gates, is no more perusing the Windows phone. Microsoft has finally realized that there isn’t much market for the window’s phone as not many people are using the Window’s 10 Mobile or let me put it this way that the company has realized that it is short on such apps that may attract potential customers.

In a tweet on Sunday, Head of Microsoft’s “PC-Tablet-Phone” and Corporate Vice President of Windows 10, Joe Belfiore mentioned that Microsoft would be assisting with security updates and bug fixes in the Windows 10 Mobile, but will no more be launching any new features or hardware.

Microsoft had been in the mobile’s software industry since last twenty years, initially with its Windows CE in 1996 for personal digital supporters and in 2000 with its Windows Mobile.

Microsoft has been struggling ever since the introduction of Apple’s and Samsung’s operating systems, iOS and Android, respectively. Windows phones just take 1.3 % of the United States market share which is just more than that of BlackBerry which is of 0.3%, these are the most recent sales figures obtained from Kantar Worldpanel. The Android new phone sales are at about 64% and that of iOS is at about 34%. The difference in sale figures speaks volume.

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Microsoft tried to influence its legacy in PC space to enter the mobile space by allowing users to shift endlessly between tablet, desktop, and cellphone.

Windows Mobile users have endlessly complained about the shortage of apps on the phone which urges them to look for other better options.

Belfiore mentioned that Microsoft tried as best as they could to convince app developers to introduce apps onto Windows Mobile by offering them incentives but the customer count is so low that no company feels like investing in this area with the firm.

In the mobile world, no big brand is gone for long so there is always a possibility that Windows Phone may come back with a bang for its loyal customers, you never know!!

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