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Google Play Store Apps Must Show Data Protection Information By April 2022

Google has now announced more details about the changes for Google Play. Android users should benefit from further security functions in the future – this also includes the fact that app developers have to offer information about which data they are collecting.

It’s about the new “security area” in the Play Store that Google is introducing. In May, the group had already announced the changes in the store and presented them briefly. Now there are more in-depth explanations. App developers are generally obliged to disclose what information their apps collect, how the collected data is used, and which data protection/security functions the apps use. A similar display obligation is already known from Apple, which already uses this principle for iOS apps.

This information about apps will appear in a new “security area” for every app on Google Play from the first quarter of 2022. There, users can find out about the type of data collected by the app, its data protection guidelines, and security functions before they install an application.

This information also includes information about what data is collected, what data is shared with third parties, and whether an app uses data encryption. Google also requires developers in this step to include a privacy policy and also disclose the data used by an app’s third-party libraries or SDKs. To incorporate these changes, there is a schedule that was made available today for developers.

Starts October 2021

As of October 2021, the new app privacy and security section will be available on the content page of an app in the Play console. Developers can then start filling out the questionnaire to provide information about the data collected, the security features used, and the app’s privacy policy.

At the beginning of 2022, Google Play users will be able to view the new “App data protection & security” section of an app, including all data provided by the app developer. Finally, from April 2022, all apps must contain a complete information area “App data protection and security” including a data protection declaration. Google Play will refuse all app updates until the details are complete.

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