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Google Chrome Desktop Gets Screenshot Function

Chrome Screenshot

Google is currently working on an extension of the “Share” menu of the desktop version of its Chrome browser. Obviously, a new function is also provided that makes it much easier for the user to save or share the entire browser window or part of it using a screenshot.

As XDA-Developers reports, citing information from an attentive Reddit user, Google is working on the integration of a screenshot function in Chrome’s share menu for the desktop. This should become part of the new share menu, which will be found in the address bar of the browser in addition to the option to save favorites.

In the future, users will be able to use the menu to quickly copy links, create QR codes, save the respective page or transfer content to external displays. With the new entry “Screenshot” it should also be possible to take a screenshot. Another Gerrit commit by the Chrome developers shows that Google doesn’t just want to capture the entire browser content via screenshots.

In addition, the option should also be offered to capture only part of the screen content by screenshot, just as we know it from other such tools. It is still unclear when Google will distribute the sharing menu and the new screenshot function as part of the stable versions of the Chrome browser to all users.

At the moment, the new menu can only be activated by intervening in the browser’s developer options, but can then already be used. Since the screenshot function is part of a whole new package, it could take a few more months before the feature is available to all users. Before that, however, it should be available for testing as part of the freely available preliminary versions.

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