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Google Play Store Will Now Rank Apps Based On Performance

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Google has announced to introduce a new set of algorithms into its search on Google Play Store, you will now see better apps ranking higher in search results against the apps stuffed with bugs and other performance issues.

The new ranking algorithms will be added to previous algorithms, the algorithm is not replacing the older search algorithms rather the update will make it more user oriented, apart from other ranking factors like; popularity, the number of downloads, number of app reviews, the number of app visits would remain the part of algorithms.

The new update will add some other key ranking factors such as; fewer crash reports, render timing, less battery consumption, fewer bugs and the number of uninstalls according to Google’s blog post in order to determine the app ranking on Google Play Store. App owners would see improved rankings in search results if their apps have no performance or fewer performance issues, leading to user retention and monetization.

In the previous algorithms, popularity was the top ranking factor in search results which could override the quality despite having low ratings and negative reviews, now Google will give more weightage to less popular but higher quality apps in their searches.

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The company said they have taken this decision to improve the user experience, almost half of the one-star reviews on Play Store mentioned app stability issues.

The update was rolled out only a handful of users to test the results and will continue to roll out globally during the next week.

After observing the update Google has confirmed that they have seen the change as a positive impact on user engagement, Google has seen people using higher quality apps more and uninstall those apps occasionally.

Last month, Google also rolled out Play Project which is a new feature of Google Play to scan apps that may harm your android device and provides users with more information on security.

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The project uses machine learning to scan through 50 billion apps daily and identify any suspicious malware. Now Google has put “walk through gate” to prohibit apps to enter the Play Store that might carry malicious malware.

Some malicious software can be hidden or go undetectable until researchers identify that malicious malware.