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Google Play Upgraded With New Payment Options And Subscriptions

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Although Google Play is not the only application store on the Android platform, it is undoubtedly the largest in terms of application scale. Google Play currently has nearly 2 million applications, and the platform is also suitable for microtransactions and purchases, including games, applications, and other services. Now, Google is announcing that it will provide a new way for developers who develop paid apps, and a new way of payment for apps and subscriptions.

Multi-quantity Purchases

At the I/O Developer Conference in 2021, Google plans to provide several new features for the Google Play Store. These include multi-quantity purchases, which means that more than one item can be purchased from the shopping cart in one application.

Multi-line Subscriptions

In addition, Google also plans to launch multi-line subscriptions (multi-line subscriptions) feature, allowing you to sell multiple products in a single subscription. Another new feature is to only allow users to access certain content within a fixed period of time. This will provide developers and users with more options to determine what and how they want to pay.

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Google said that these features will be provided in the Google Play Billing Libray 4.0 version, and are now available for developers to implement. At the same time, the window period for updating applications is very short; new applications are now required to integrate the billing library version before August 2.

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