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Google podcasts is now available on iOS and Desktop


Android clients have had Google Podcasts since the previous summer, however, iOS and desktop clients will presently have the option to exploit the search giant’s direct listening interface.

Google being Google, the organization will endeavor to push you towards its item when you look for a podcast title – conduct that prompted the BBC removing its shows from Google Podcasts. On desktop space, Googling the name of your chosen podcast will raise a rundown of late scenes, and clicking one of those will take you to podcasts.google.com to tune in.

Annoyingly, going straightforwardly to podcasts.google.com doesn’t give you the application – it just guides you to download the cell phone item. To get to the play interface, you need to pick a scene of a specific web recording in search.

Be that as it may, it’s convenient that in case you’re logged into Google, your record remembers where you got up to in the digital broadcast and adjusts it over your gadgets, so you can proceed with the latest relevant point of interest.

Google Podcasts’ Head of Product Zack Reneau-Wedeen exhibited the new usefulness on Twitter, pitching it as an approach to make audio a “first-class citizen” across the company’s portfolio:

Google likewise declared at I/O 2019 that searched items will before long show podcast episodes applicable to what you’ve searched down. So in the event that you search for specific unsolved crime, for example, you may get a scene of a podcast devoted to it under the heading ‘Podcast about this story.’

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