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You can now play Tetris 99 offline on Nintendo for $10

Tetris 99

Releasing Tetris 99 as a free-to-play Switch game was a shrewd move by Nintendo, as the prominent online-only title persuaded clients to get a Switch Online membership. Presently, Nintendo is presenting a paid part with the new $10 Big Block DLC. You get two new modes: “CPU Battle” gives you a chance to play 98 virtual rivals offline, while “Marathon” is simply exemplary line-clearing activity. Both are accessible offline, which means you’ll never again need Switch Online to play it.

With the first arrival of Tetris 99 not long ago, Nintendo conveyed an energizing snare to the great game with a Battle Royale mode. It gives you a chance to battle against 98 adversaries, however, your accomplishment in clearing lines and picking up badges can hurry your adversary’s annihilation. 98 players get trimmed down to 50, at that point 10, prompting the possible champ.

The disconnected CPU Battle mode works similarly, yet against PC adversaries as opposed to live players. That will give you a chance to sharpen your aptitudes before going head to head against human players. In the event that you get adequate, Nintendo additionally declared the Tetris 99 third Maximus Cup running from May 17-19 to praise the 35th commemoration of the game. Participate who earn at least 100 event points will unlock an in-game theme inspired by Nintendo’s original Game Boy Tetris version.

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