Google provides consumers with intriguing brand-new privacy tools

The tech giant Google has introduced several new security features to Google Chrome. These features intend to keep users safe on the web. Notably, the company has introduced a feature that helps them report the dark web and an improved password manager feature for selected devices. Some other features that will debut on Chrome can be found on some other Google products already.

The Google Chrome app has added a number of new tools, features, and enhancements that make browsing safer. Reportedly, the new features were added as a part of Google Privacy Awareness Month. Besides this, Google is collaborating with CISA in an effort to help educate users about online safety.

Many security features are now available to Chrome users

The new updates have made access to clear browsing data easier. It can be found within the three-dot menu just above the history section. Notably, the wait for clearing data has decreased from one hour to just 15 minutes. It facilitates users’ privacy. Previously, Google debuted the Dark Web reports to the Gmail app. Now, it is available on Google Chrome.

Users can use this feature and find out whether their email address is available on the dark web or not. It can be accessed from the menu of the Google app account. This feature is currently only available to Android users. it will be rolled out to iOS users soon. Furthermore, on iOS devices, the Google Password Manager can now be set as the default autofill provider. If users choose to use it as their default autofill provider, it will be available for use across all apps.

Last but not least, the recent partnership with CISA will help educate users about the significance of cybersecurity. The format of education will be video-based. Perhaps the company will roll out additional new security features for Google Chrome.

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